Have you been reluctant to explore wearing a Glans Ring because the standard Glans Rings in the stores simply do not fit? It is a common problem. If too small, it can be a REAL problem….too large and they fall off. You have come to the Right Place. We are a Metalsmith Studio specializing in … More A PERFECT FIT


This Post is actually one of our Pages and is the Cornerstone of our Creations. When we first began, our pieces were for our own personal use. After we became aware of people desiring high quality products, we consulted the Doctors. We were astounded at what we learned regarding the historic medicinal uses of Silver … More WHY SILVER?


Ring of Kings welcomes 2023 with a newly updated website to showcase the finest of Custom created Cock Rings, Glans Rings and a few additional items. We welcome new ideas that you may wish to have created but did not know to whom to turn. We are a Private Metalsmith Studio that completes creations completely … More NEW YEAR

Size Doesn’t Matter

Well, that really depends, doesn’t it? At Ring of Kings, Size not only Matters, it is Critical. One millimeter too small and you are in the ER. One millimeter too large and your Ring has fallen off and is rolling down the aisle at the Restaurant. Ring of Kings specializes in custom cast Luxury Sterling … More Size Doesn’t Matter

The Thin Line

We have walked a Thin Line between having a website focused on Adult Sexuality Jewelry and a “Porn Site” since the very beginning of publicly offering our designs. A brief background history: Oz and Zia marry and have a household with no children. After the Studio was set up, Oz shows Zia (who had never … More The Thin Line


We are getting pretty fed up with this phrase “The New Normal”, but the phrase does sum it up pretty well. We are experiencing unprecedented challenges at every turn, which all boils down to SURVIVING. As Independent Artisan Craftsmen, we were already semi-quarantined when the first Stay-at-Home Lockdown was announced. I tend to think of … More THE NEW NORMAL

New Beginnings

It has become increasingly apparent how important it is become more vocal and visible, thus changes are being made. A new website with a new host. Adding a Blog, with Follow Buttons and Contact Forms. A new Facebook page and other social media venues. The main point of the Blog will be to highlight the … More New Beginnings