Ring of Kings welcomes 2023 with a newly updated website to showcase the finest of Custom created Cock Rings, Glans Rings and a few additional items.

We welcome new ideas that you may wish to have created but did not know to whom to turn. We are a Private Metalsmith Studio that completes creations completely In House. We will work with you on design creation to maximize the results for your orders. We have a base number of pieces in place that may be altered to your special requirements.

Knowing that every Body is different, we can customize our base designs or work with you to create a new unique piece not offered. Design and mold charges will apply to actual work.

For those of you just now finding our site, please read how we began our adventure into the World of Adult Jewelry. Looking at our site, you will notice photos of only our items. We do not publish our pieces being worn on this site as that automatically puts us into a different category which we have fought against for over 20 years. As a potential Customer, you should know that every design has been tested and refined for maximum pleasure for the Parties involved. Here is a brief description of the beginnings of Ring of Kings and Sensual Silver:

Thank you for visiting our sites and understanding that our creations are Life Long investments and not items that can be purchased in plastic bubble packs from a rack.