Size Doesn’t Matter

Well, that really depends, doesn’t it?

At Ring of Kings, Size not only Matters, it is Critical. One millimeter too small and you are in the ER. One millimeter too large and your Ring has fallen off and is rolling down the aisle at the Restaurant.

Ring of Kings specializes in custom cast Luxury Sterling Silver and Gold Cock and Glans Rings.

To complicate getting the proper measurement, one has to consider the material being used, the weight of the finished Ring, how the materials used work against skin, the surface of the finished Ring and many other factors.

Working exclusively in Sterling Silver or Golds, getting the correct size is the Starting Place for us because once a Ring is Cast, we do not resize it. Silver or Gold against skin is one thing, a Solder seam is a whole different game. Skin Allergies and material sensitivities are so common now that there are many layers of compliance required for the different metals used in solder. And, no one wants an allergic reaction on THAT skin.

Here are some important points to keep in mind when measuring for a Ring:

  • We do all the size adjusting in the wax that is to be cast.
  • Please use a Tailor’s Tape, which is 1/2″ wide and does not stretch.
  • These tapes are available at Craft Stores, Grocery Stores, WalMart, Target, CVS, etc for under $2.
  • Please do not use: Shoe laces, Paper, String, Zip Ties, Scotch Tape, Yarn or Wire of any kind.
  • Generally, to get a very accurate size, a second person is helpful.
  • For regular (1/4″, 10g) weight, measure the circumference above the Glans.
  • For heavier/wide (1/2″, 28g) weight, pull Glans slightly to thin circumference.
  • For extreme weight (5/8″, 93g), pull Glans full length.
  • If you need additional sizing information, explicit photos can be requested with your order.

Orders for Extreme Wide Crown Rings weighing over 93g will be price adjusted.

If you have any questions, you may directly email