Ring of Kings is a Masculine Collection of Sterling Silver, Gold and Natural Gemstones Jewelry devoted to increasing male performance and extending pleasure naturally. Ring of Kings is devoted to exploring the various decorative and functional designs to increase giving, receiving and extending Pleasure.

Our exotic luxury Objects of Intimacy are a collaboration between a male and female couple to enhance and explore new levels of intimate life. After several years of private use, the design and function of each piece was refined as we became aware that there were other like-minded couples. After presenting the jewelry to our Medical Internist, we were given a Green Light to move forward as Silver and Gold are natural micro-biocides and inert inside the Human Body. Additionally, our designs are created in Precious Metals with intrinsic and increasing value as an investment into the senses. Our designs keep evolving and expanding through suggestions of our clients.

Working together in a Private Studio, each design is handcrafted to the exact millimeter size ordered. A limited number of drawings and photographs are used on the website, with graphic photographs available during the design process. Using the Contact form, please feel free to share your design ideas and requirements.

All Objects of Intimacy and Jewelry are presented in the same spirit in which they were created and made. All pieces have been thoroughly tested, reviewed and approved by our Doctors. These unique designs, created by and for Zia & Oz, along with a few Special Requests from friends, are all protected under US Design & Copyright Laws.

QUESTIONS? oz@ringoffkings.com