Have you been reluctant to explore wearing a Glans Ring because the standard Glans Rings in the stores simply do not fit? It is a common problem. If too small, it can be a REAL problem….too large and they fall off.

You have come to the Right Place.

We are a Metalsmith Studio specializing in properly fit Glans Rings cast in Sterling Silver (or Gold). We work with you to create the perfect fit not only in the circumference, but also height, width and weight. We offer many designs, but have found the Crown Ring to be the most popular design.

When purchasing a Glans Ring, every measurement is important for the proper fit, which is critical for exceptional function. We offer a variety of weights on the Glans Ring page, but rarely will an already made Glans Ring fit. When purchasing a Stainless Steel Glans Ring that is mass produced, you have to find the closest match to your unique measurements. We encourage you to contact us first before making a purchase to open a conversation about your needs and past experiences with over-the-counter Glans Rings. Yes, our products are more expensive, but they are custom-made for you in Precious Metals that not only offer health and safety benefits but also have an Intrinsic Value.