We are getting pretty fed up with this phrase “The New Normal”, but the phrase does sum it up pretty well. We are experiencing unprecedented challenges at every turn, which all boils down to SURVIVING.

As Independent Artisan Craftsmen, we were already semi-quarantined when the first Stay-at-Home Lockdown was announced. I tend to think of us as Pioneers (my Grandmother traveled in a Covered Wagon with her family to California, then back to Kansas when her Father decided California was not for them) in that we were less impacted than people employed by others. Of course, the demand for jewelry and many other items of all kinds stopped cold.

That week is when I noticed that email marketing, Newsletters, Promotions and other digital sales avenues exploded. Companies I purchased from 10 years ago suddenly began sending me Newsletters with their money saving discounts and coupons. I found myself deleting hundreds of emails at a time without opening them. And I was pretty disturbed about this dilemma. WE sell items that are not Food, cleaners, toilet paper, beverages or other “essentials”.

Will harassing a customer make them spend Food Budget Money on a Ring? Not in my house.

SO, for the past 9 months, we have been silent. I refuse to waste my time or create added stress to anyone. We are focussing on adjusting to exactly how to maneuver the obstacles while being Mindful of the reality in which we are living for the foreseeable future.

  • Our Blog Posts will be our means of keeping you informed.
  • We have cancelled the Newsletter Service and will not fill your Inbox with junk.
  • Our Studio is active and open and being updated with current products and more images.
  • You know where to find us if you need us.
  • Take Care of yourselves and your families; Be Safe; Be Careful.

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