Ring of King’s Prostrate Stimulator is the highest-quality Prostrate Stimulator available. We use the centuries old formula for Sterling Silver, which is proven to be inert inside the human body, as well as being a natural micro-biocide. We ask for specific measurements in order to create a custom created and individually cast prostrate stimulator for every order. The primary measurement is the Ouroboros Cockring, which is the first of three critical measurements needed to create the Scorpious.

Pricing is based on your custom measurements and are Custom Made specifically for you. Due to the volatile Metals Market, the final price will be calculated by size and weight of the piece you desire at the time the order is initiated. Any adjustments needed to price will be made prior to shipping.

Unlike mass-produced stainless steel prostrate stimulators that come only in a limited number of sizes, we custom create each new order in wax to ensure a perfect fit that is comfortable, safe, looks great and provides incredible pleasure.
We have collected some interesting facts about the benefits of prostrate massage:

  • Stimulation can help ease pressure and swelling of the Prostrate by releasing built up fluids.
  • Stimulation during sexual activity that releases fluid results in increased ejaculation fluid.
  • Regular prostate massage a couple of times a month may do wonders for erectile dysfunction.
  • With regular stimulation, there are reports of improved ejaculation with reduced pelvic pain.
  • Also reported is an increase in overall sexual performance and improved urine flow.


Custom created Sterling Silver Prostrate Stimulator created using your exact measurements. Please contact us for instructions as to which measurements are needed and how to get them. Please allow three to six weeks for the creation of your custom Stimulator.