The Key to a perfect fit is an accurate measurement. While we do not provide Live Photos or Videos of the measuring process, we feel the instructions below provide the information needed.

If you have access to a Tailor’s Tape, that is the preferred measuring device as it does not stretch and is approximately one half inch (12.5mm) in width.  If not, use something that is at least 1/4″ wide (no string) and does not stretch (no shoelaces)……you may even fashion it out of a strip of an index card.

Even though the area where the Glans Ring is worn does not change significantly with an erection, to be SAFE, we request a flaccid and an erect measurement.  We use that measurement as the Inner Diameter for the Glans Ring, then build the actual ring around the Inner Diameter (ID) of the Glans Ring.

Please note, this measurement is for the Standard Glands Rings that are approximately 3/8″ wide and weigh about 1/2 ounce.  If you are ordering the Heavier Weight Glans Rings, we will still use that ID Measurement, but will reduce the ID about 10% to compensate for the lengthening effect of wearing a weight.

Pricing is based on the Inner Diameter measurement x the weight of the Metal and are Custom Made to your exact measurement. Due to the volatile Metals Market, a fixed price will be calculated by size and weight of the piece you desire at the time the order is initiated.