In more recent time, the term “COCK-RING” has been used interchangeably to describe two very different places to wear said rings. For the sake of the Ring of Kings terminology, Rings that fit only the Shaft of the Penis, we call SHAFT RINGS and we do NOT sell those. In dealing with the Human Body, with varying circumstances occurring every day, it is impossible to have a ring that is always a perfect fit for a Shaft Only ring. We learned this through a personal experience and realized that this design of ring was not viable for our offerings.

For Ring of King purposes and offerings, a COCK-RING is a ring that encompasses both the Penis and the Testicles. As a General Rule, in the flaccid state, there should be room to inset two fingers between the ring and the body. When erect, there is usually less than one finger of room between the body and the ring. Should you experience any discomfort from a ring being too tight, please get a wet, cool washcloth and help deflate the erection……the ring is too small and you need a larger size.

Original Cock Ring

Our very first Sterling Silver Cock Ring was and continues to be made with heavy half round Sterling Silver Wire that is bent with the domed side of the wire turned to the inside, with the flat side out. The dome is comfortable while being worn against the skin with no protrusion on the outward side. The photo below is the standard design, and each one is custom made to your measurements for a perfect fit.

Pricing is in .25″ increments beginning at 1.5″ Inner Diameter and going up to 3.0″, but are Custom Made to your exact measurement. Due to the volatile Metals Market, a fixed price will be calculated by size and weight of the piece you desire at the time the order is initiated.

Original Half Round Cock Ring

Constructed from Sterling Silver half round wire, with the dome to the inside of the ring. This is for ease of putting on and taking off and a little extra grab on the inside. This ring has one razor thin solder joint with extra hard solder to minimize any reaction to the solder. Price for a 1.75″ Inner Dimension measurement, but is custom made to your exact measurement. Please allow three weeks for delivery from time order is placed.


Sterling Silver Ouroboros Single Wrap

Single Wrap Ouroboros cast in seamless Sterling Silver in your Bespoke Size with no solder to irritate delicate skin. Head is formed and polished for your Partner’s enjoyment. Shown in Sterling Silver., 1.75″ or 66mm. Available in 14k Yellow Gold; Request Quote for an up to the minute price. Please provide your measurement in the Notes Section in the Payment Box. Please allow three weeks from delivery from time order is placed.


Ouroboros Cock Ring and Glans Ring Set

An Impressive Set for any serious collector of Cock and Glans Rings!!! Custom cast in Sterling Silver or Gold, these pieces are each cast as one piece so there is no solder to touch sensitive skin, both externally or internally. The Ouroboros Head is highly polished for a gorgeous presentation and smooth all over for a sensual feel. Set Shown is 1.75″ ID with a 22mm Glans Ring. Please allow up to four weeks for proper sizing, casting and finishing of your Luxury Ouroboros Set. Price listed is for 1.75″ Cock Ring and 22mm Glans Ring/


Ouroboros Triple Wrap Cockring

RoK Exclusive Triple Wrap Ouroboros Cockring cast in solid Sterling Silver to your Bespoke Size. The Ouroboros is historically a symbol of Wholeness or Infinity. Our second heaviest Cockring, but weight is spread out for wider coverage with the three coils of the Ouroboros. Due to the heavy weight, please measure with a snug two finger gap between you and the tape. If stones are desired for the eyes, please contact us for a Custom Quote on your desired color and stone type. Standard size is 1.75″ or 66mm to allow for extra space for the three wraps. Please contact us at for different size price or for 14k Yellow Gold.


Tribal Cockring

Exclusive Tribal Cock Ring cast in solid Sterling Silver in Bespoke sizes. Weighing in a minimum of four Troy Ounces, this Masterpiece is by far the most impressive Cock Ring for sale anywhere. Created to your exact Bespoke Size, please allow six weeks for the completion and delivery of your Tribal Cock Ring. The Tribal Cock Ring shown is 1.8″ or 45mm. If you need a different size, please contact us at for a Custom Quote to create one of our Exquisite Tribal Cock Rings. Available in 14k Yellow Gold.


Gem Tickler Cockring in 14k w/Blue Agate

Exclusive design created in luxurious 14k Yellow Gold set with an Oval Blue Agate. Thicker than regular Cock Rings with sensual rounded edges for a silky smooth sensation. Seamless casting in Bespoke Size with no solder to irritate delicate skin. Stone is a smooth bezel set with no prongs to scratch or catch on anything. Created as shown but may be customized to your specifications and Stone choice. Due to the Volatile Metals Market, Final Price will be calculated at time of order.