Our Champagne Keeper is based on the age old practice of inserting a Sterling Silver Spoon into an open bottle of Champagne to keep it fresh and bubbly between servings. Our design takes that idea a few steps further, beginning with the Open Heart and adding a 4″ Wand, all cast in solid Sterling Silver. It also features two different size Bulbs, with the smallest one on the end to fit into openings of most Champagne bottles. The second Bulb is strategically placed about 2″ further up the stem that seals the opening of the Champagne bottle.

When the Champagne Keeper is not keeping Champagne fresh, it may be used as a Massage Wand, for Oral Play and for Anal Play. Sterling Silver is a natural microbiocide that kills bacteria, germs and virus on contact and is inert inside the Human Body. It absorbs heat or cold quickly and may be easily and thoroughly cleaned with a liquid detergent. This is an indispensable addition for every serious Toy Box.

Champagne Keeper

Sterling Silver Wand, approximately 6" from tip to end of bulb. Used for keeping Champagne fresh, and multiple massage applications.